Modular & engineered
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Eliminates the need for empty pallet return conveyor lanes, cross transfers, or lifts

  • Single lane reduces system footprint
  • Economical, no elevators or separate return conveyors needed
  • Modular design allows for custom lengths and widths
  • Parts can overhang pallet for narrow applications
  • Pallets can be connected for long part applications
  • Pallet Stops and Lift & Locates are modular and adjustable
  • Conveys a wide array of products

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Asynchronous, accumulating, recirculating

Our Over/Under Conveyor is a modular conveyor incorporating fixtured pallets.

Pallets are conveyed on a continuous overunder loop with asynchronous pallet transfer. It combines the features of a pallet conveyor, chain conveyor, and pallet return system into one low profile system.

Pallets can carry parts on the top or bottom of the conveyor for inverted applications. Stops and Lift & Locates can be placed anywhere your application requires.


Custom over/under conveyors

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