Custom Engineered Conveyors

Often times, an off the shelf conveyor will not get the job done. You need something unique and specific to fit your part and carry out your application. We design a multitude of conveyor types to suit your needs, whether you are conveying individual products, cases, or pallets.

We specialize in conveyor systems used to interface with robots that accumulate, transfer, rotate, and locate for operator, fork truck, or robot picking. Conveyors can include stand-alone controls or be integrated with customer controls. We can provide a complete transfer system to move raw products with or without pallets. We even integrate made to order vertical lifts, transfer carts, turntables, and inspection cells with our conveyors.

A culture of design:

  • Minimize equipment and machining complexity
  • Minimize stock and fastener sizes
  • Utilize pre-engineered commercial components
  • Manufacturing drawings come from parametric 3-D models
  • Electronics and pneumatics included in mechanical designs
  • All first-time inquiries look like 4th or 5th generation products
  • Machine guarding, wiring and plumbing 5/5 stars

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