Spiral Chutes

Creates a nearly friction free surface

  • Low friction
  • Transports almost any package
  • Fully customizable
  • Various liner options for package control
  • Entry and exit chutes to meet conveyors or tables
  • Ships in sections or fully assembled
  • Easy to install, repair and modify
  • Low maintenance

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Engineered to order for maximum flexibility

All chutes are customized to fit your environment, requirements, and material specs.

Our patented Spiral Chute is a one of a kind innovation due to its modular construction of bolt-together triangular shingles. We have automated the design process so configurations and price are simply generated from customer input such as package size, entry & exit locations and direction of flow. This allows us to provide a unique solution without the lead time and costs associated with custom products.

The flexibility eliminates the headache of integrating commodity chutes. The individual shingles makes it easy to apply liners of various materials and amounts to control package speeds.

Spiral ChutesSpiral Chutes

Custom chutes

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