Why We Build

Engineering research and design

Every project, regardless of its size or complexity, is an opportunity to create more efficiency and higher quality. Our diverse experience with multiple industries makes us faster to translate new ideas into a solution for any challenge.

We’ll analyze your system requirements, make suggestions on improvements or alternatives to the proposed model, provide an approved design plan for automation and put your machine into production.


A history of innovation

Since 1994, Alternative Engineering Inc. has engineered innovative designs and manufactured custom material handling, assembly, warehouse, and automation equipment.

The company’s founder and owner, D. Robert Rodriguez, built his creative engineering research and design firm after leaving the auto industry as a manufacturing engineer. He saw the opportunity to modify solutions based on original designs and offer customers a better, alternative option to build what they really needed.

By starting with this fresh approach to the problem, Alternative Engineering, Inc., or, AEInc., is often able to present another option to the original design; we frequently save the customer money. The company’s history of successfully solving difficult challenges and rescuing projects with limited budgets and short timeframes makes their services invaluable to both end users and integrators.