Part Dispensers

Ergonomic part handling

Manual feed magazines for automatic part dispensing.

  • Unlimited magazine capacity
  • Pneumatic shot pin for precision stopping
  • One drive motor used for incremental indexing
  • Single parts are coined from one magazine at a time
  • Removable magazines
  • Singular or multiple part top loading
  • Part lifters can interface with gripper devices
  • Optional signal for low part

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Magazines designed for your specific part

Our automatic part dispensers coin stackable parts for manual or robotic picking.

Parts are disbursed one at a time from pre-loaded magazines on a turntable with an integrated coining device. Magazines can also be bench loaded or cell loaded with as many parts as ergonomically reachable.


Capacity / # of Magazines: Per customer specifications
Dial Table Size: 24 - 48 inch diameter (based on part size & capacity)
Turntable Drive: One VFD duty electric in-line gear motor
Turntable Lock: Cam lock shot pin with cam ramp
Cycle Times: 20-30 seconds for most applications
Sensors & Cables: Part present sensors and extend/retract sensors
Sensor Brackets: 11 guage zinc plated 3-way adjustable brackets
Valves & Plumbing: Valves, manifolds, plumbing, flow controls
Standard Components: SEW motors, SMC valves, and IFM sensors
PLC Controller: Stand alone or integrate with exisiting system

Custom part dispensers

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