Tryout Press Loader

Manual pneumatic articulating arm for long reach applications

Developed for loading / unloading automotive tryout press.

  • Vertical lift uses pneumatic hoist with operator controls
  • Arm has two pivots and two horizontal movements
  • Pivot and horizontal movements are all manual with pneumatic brakes
  • Vacuum cups use air suction for a tight hold on material
  • Visual indication of when vacuum is engaged
  • End of arm tool folds up for compact storage

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Safe and easy press transfer

Built to your specs

The Tryout Press Loader is a 5 axis, manually operated articulating arm. This arm is used for long reach applications and was developed for loading and unloading an automotive tryout press. Features handlebar controls to manage system brakes and vertical displacement.

This made to order product can be creatively altered to fit your needs: Vacuum Suction Cups, Operator Controls, Brake Controls, Vacuum Sensor, Lift Controls.

Custom Tryout Press Loader

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